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    After 14 years development, KFMI has established a global sales network, covering Semiconductor, Solar and LCD industries. KFMI targets and spare parts products are recognized by mainstream Semiconductor groups in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and China mainland. KFMI always support our customers with reliable products, professional service and optimal solutions at the least cost.

    ��Metalloscope (Olympus PME3)��

    Application and features: Olympus PME3 Metalloscope can conduct professional analysis on metals and alloys, such as Al, Ti, Ta, Cu, W, Mo, Co and Ni etc. Its magnification of objec..

    ��INOUE Heat Treatment Furnace��

    Application and features: INOUE Heat Treatment Furnace is one of the best and the most advanced heat treatment equipment for heat preservation in China. It is equipped by with cate..

    ��CNC Machining Center��

    Application and features: Accompanied with a cutting tool base, CNC Machining Center can change the cutting tool automatically during production, accompanied with a cutting tool ba..

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    ��Electron Beam Welding Equipment (EBW-8CH)��

    Application and features: Electron Beam Welding Equipment (EBW-8CH) is one of littlea high-tech special equipment developed by KFMI and another equipment manufacturer in China, whi..

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    ��Rolling Machine (1200T)��

    Application and features: Rolling Machine (1200T) is applied in the plastic work by tighten the thickness of parts with different roll distances for differentused for reducing the ..

    ��Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Equipment (Model ZGRS-600-500)��

    Application and features: Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Equipment (Model ZGRS-600-500) is applied used in sintering of various ceramic material and alloys material by of different siz..

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